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Miracle Manna Children’s Home in Jakkur, Bangalore, is a loving home to 22 children – orphaned by their natural parents at different ages- and embraced by the large hearts of Shivaji and Prema. Their purpose- to raise children with loving care, provide a good education and instil great values.

The couple began their unplanned journey, desiring to welcome their 2nd child by adoption. Despite their own economic background being modest – Shivaji was a driver and Prema a BPO staffer– they took in children in distress, orphaned by poor parents, some neglected and oppressed – and over the last 10 years it has the strength of today.

Recalling the journey say Sivaji and Prema :  “Our children home that we started on 2010 was our dream for past 15 years.We wanted to change the poor kids incomplete life into a complete life so they have a bright future. All the children who came to us were from poor background with single or no parents, no relatives to take care of them.Many were in bad condition – without cleanliness, having infection, not getting proper food. We give them good care, love and affection to change each child personally. To change a child’s trauma of neglect takes a year of continuous care. We are striving hard to make each and every child should imbibe good values and have a good education and bring out their character as a good citizen”.

What We Do


Giving Miracle kids quality education to open them up to discover their true potential, is a critical focus

New school change has been made to open new horizons for Miracle kids, to learn , to grow , to discover and enhance their potential. But better run schools delivers better education, and also has higher expectation from kids.

Nurturing life-long Values

Nurturing Values is the other key pillar that is of critical focus. Responsibility, discipline, helping one another, honesty, good citizenship and other virtues are imbibed by children along with love and care given at Miracle home.

Daily prayer time, celebration of festivals while understanding their significance, learning by demonstration and open discussions are the means deployed for Miracle kids to imbibe Values.

Recent Campaigns

Need your help Asap for ₹ 2.9 lakhs !
Got a good Offer for a Used Bus
The current Orphanage bus has completed 15 years of life as of December 2018, and as per proposed rules of the Central govt. which is expected to be made into law after the Lok sabha elections, will have to be retired. We have been scouting for a replace bus for 4 months now. We now have a good offer from a well know school in Bangalore who are willing to give their used bus - 5-6 years old, 20 seater bus - for ₹ 2.5 lakhs. Please see their best offer email which is enclosed. We need to spend for conversion from Yellow board to White board for Orphanage, pay taxes and change tyres etc. estimated at ₹ 40000/- . Need ₹ 2,90,000/- immediately
Education spends for the Academic year 2018-19:
New and Good schools
• 1.Sri Aurobindo school:
- Fees for 16 Kids from Class 1 to 8 - (a) ₹ 3,66,400/-
Uniforms sets, books & notebooks- (b) ₹ 99,000/-

• 2.Kenneth George school:-
All inclusive fees for Two in Grade 10 - (a) ₹ 108.200/-
All inclusive fees for One in Grade 9 - (b)₹ 49700/-

• 3.Remuneration to Two Tutors at Miracle Home @ 8:00 pm for Full year: -₹ 1,92,000/-

• 4.Seshadripuram College: BBA 2nd year fees for One girl: ₹ 40,000

• 5. Bus running charges for transportation of kids to school for full year ₹ 1,10,000
Total Education spend for 2018-19: ₹ 9,65,300/-

Progress: ₹ 7.4 Lakhs
Deficit or Gap to be filled : 24%

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Contact Us


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