Education funding- Gap and Help required urgently

Education spends for the Academic year 2018-19

1. Sri Aurobindo school
- Fees for 16 Kids from Class 1 to 8 standards is ₹ 3,66,400/-
- Uniforms sets, books & notebooks is ₹ 99,000/-

2. Kenneth George school
All inclusive fees for Two in Grade 10 is ₹ 108.200/-
All inclusive fees for One in Grade 9 is ₹ 49700/-

3. Seshadripuram College
BBA 2nd year fees for One girl is ₹ 40,000

4. Bus running charges for transportation of kids to school for full year is ₹ 1,10,000

Total Education spend for 2018-19: ₹ 8 lakhs

After raising resources, we have a shortage in Education spend of ₹ 2,15,000/-.

Got a good Offer for a Used Bus - Need your help Asap for ₹ 2.9 lakhs !

- The current Orphanage bus has completed 15 years of life as of December 2018, and as per proposed rules of the Central govt. which is expected to be made into law after the Lok sabha elections, will have to be retired. We have been scouting for a replace bus for 4 months now.

- We now have a good offer from a well know school in Bangalore who are willing to give their used bus - 5-6 years old, 20 seater bus - for ₹ 2.5 lakhs. Please see their best offer email which is enclosed. We need to spend for conversion from Yellow board to White board for Orphanage, pay taxes and change tires etc. estimated at ₹ 40000/- . Need ₹ 2,90,000/- immediately.

- As our funds position is very low right now- and need to cover for April month running expenses- request Milaap supporters to help immediately.