Our Story

Miracle Manna Children's Home in Jakkur, Bengaluru, is a loving home to 22 children – orphaned by their natural parents at different ages- and embraced by the large hearts of Shivaji and Prema. Their purpose- to raise children with loving care, provide a good education and instil great values.

The couple began their unplanned journey, desiring to welcome their 2nd child by adoption. Despite their own economic background being modest – Shivaji was a driver and Prema a BPO staffer– they took in children in distress, orphaned by poor parents, some neglected and oppressed – and over the last 10 years it has the strength of today.

Recalling the journey say Sivaji and Prema "Our children home that we started on 2010 was our dream for past 15 years.We wanted to change the poor kids incomplete life into a complete life so they have a bright future. All the children who came to us were from poor background with single or no parents, no relatives to take care of them.Many were in bad condition - without cleanliness having infection, not getting proper food. We give them good care, love and affection to change each child personally. To change a child’s trauma of neglect takes a year of continuous care. We are striving hard to make each and every child should imbibe good values and have a good education and bring out their character as a good citizen”.

In the last two-and-a-half years, a committed Support Group in the neighbourhood, is working with Miracle home raising resources to meet nourishment gaps and to place children in better schools to receive quality and holistic education. This partnership, together with funds raised at a crowd sourcing platform, has helped raise resources for building additional toilets, essential durables for daily living and clearing all pending dues. Citizen group partnership is also helping build management capacity of the couple to maintain accounts, plan resources, identify and support educational gaps in children. It is a wonder and delight to see the 22 kids at Miracle home for their sense of goodness, eagerness to learn and affection. From this academic year, 19 kids are going to a English medium schools and the oldest girl is doing BBA final year.

Sivaji and Prema are truly on their journey to change the lives of abandoned children . to transform them into bright, productive adults thanks to sustainable citizen participation.