What We Do


Giving Miracle kids quality education to open them up to discover their true potential, is a critical focus
New school change has been made to open new horizons for Miracle kids, to learn , to grow , to discover and enhance their potential. But better run schools delivers better education, and also has higher expectation from kids.The catch 22 situation on bridging the educational deficit in Miracle kids thru better schooling experience has to be addressed by plunging headlong in bringing different stakeholders for a large one-time lift in kids’s foundation skills and knowledge. This has been the attempt from April to June; and it has been a working summer for Miracle kids !

• Sri Aurobindo school: CBSE school in Sahakarnagar, Bangalore: 16 Kids from Class 1 to 8
• Kenneth George school:- 3 kids in Class 9-10

Interventions to bridge educational deficit: Made in current year 2018-19

- English reading build up thru specialised interventions - learning of Phonetics , Frequently used words, Zero-based scaled up reading etc. thru Educational therapist sessions and home based practices
- Foundation skills with basic Math operations and commonly used concepts thru Tutor
- Confidence building and encouragement
- Discussion with school for understanding, special inputs and extra time for scaling up
- Projector for internet based interactive learning thru select websites

Other areas of educational support: 2018-19

UPS that gives couple of extra hours to learn in the evening-night when power goes off.
• Excursions to Bannerghatta National park and Mysore.
• Board games have been provided to enhance learning interest and conceptual skills besides having fun.

Early outcomes

• English reading and Math foundation skill improvements gave a confidence boost to kids and enhanced interest in learning.
• Better run New schools served to awaken higher learning interest and enhanced determination.
• Work habit has shown a marked improvement: completion of class work , home work and systematic study.
• Class 10 kids, Deepa and Daniel are working long hours
• General improvement in confidence

Few months into school, kids are spiritedly taking the challenge, refusing to cow down !… The extent of success will be known by the end of the academic year. Your wishes to Miracle kids will help!

Nurturing life-long Values

Nurturing Values is the other key pillar that is of critical focus. Responsibility, discipline, helping one another, honesty, good citizenship and other virtues are imbibed by children along with love and care given at Miracle home.

Daily prayer time, celebration of festivals while understanding their significance, learning by demonstration and open discussions are the means deployed for Miracle kids to imbibe Values.

A case in point is the way we celebrated New year

We had an opportunity to discuss the significance of New year resolution with Miracle kids…. When we asked what is the Promise they would like to make to themselves and to their parents, there was no hesitation among the kids to share their promise ! Here is the summary of the Areas of Promise they made; hopefully they will learn to keep their promise !!